21 May 2012

Nearly five years later....

So, quite some time ago, I had a blog, and I posted to it regularly.  But, I started getting bored with it, and instead, started using different forms of media to share my ideas.  MSN, Facebook, Steam, etc.

And thus, my blog was lost to the annals of time, and my last post was nearly five years ago.

Recently, I sought to post a comment on the blog of a Youtuber whom I tend to follow, named RockingMrE (http://rockingmre.blogspot.co.uk/).  In order to do so, I had to sign in with my GoogleID, which I use in YouTube.  I HAD thought that it would have linked to my Google account, or my Youtube account, but instead, it linked to this blog, thus reminding me that I actually had one still registered.

Therefore, I think that I will reboot my blog, and start sharing my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about certain things once again.

After I do some housecleaning, because there's some seriously out of date shit on here....

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